Youth Climate Action Now

Youth Climate Action Now is a Western-Massachusetts based, movement-driven group with a goal to empower other young people to add their voices to the fight against the climate crisis through intersectional, creative, nonviolent direct action.

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YCAN Monthly Gatherings 

We need a system change!

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YCAN is planning on organizing a series of interactive workshops to continue engagement. These youth-led webinars will center around themes such as environmental justice, youth empowerment, sustainable agriculture, composting solutions, advocacy, lobbying, and climate intersectionality. These monthly gatherings will feature art walks, poetry readings, live music, and a platform to amplify the unique perspective of young people. Each month, YCAN is committed to partnering with at least one other local youth-led climate action group to ensure we are connecting a wide range of perspectives and representation as well as to continue communication and collaboration through our community. Through these meetings, we aim to address these issues on both a micro level within individual households as well as on a systemic level. 

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