Various Voices

VariousVoicesDariaOne of the benefits of living in the Pioneer Valley is the amazing number of people committed to working to make our lives better, correcting things we see as problems and generally, just really nice people.  One of those folks is Daria Fisk and she has a radio show on WMCB out of Greenfield.

Daria describes her show as one about, “getting to know each other—everyday people, neighbors, and friends sharing insights, perspectives, and experiences.”  She wants to be, “talking about what matters to each of us and all of us; personal and collective histories, pressing issues, and abiding passions.”

Today, March 18th, from 3-4pm on Various Voices, 107.9 lpfm &, “we’ll talk with Becky George of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce about the upcoming Creative Economy Summit, 3/22-24 in Turners Falls & then w. Greening Greenfield’s Susan Worgaftik  about the 4/6 public forum at GCC to consider how to Create a Sustainable Future for Greenfield by 2050. “

 It would be great if you could tune in.

If you don’t know about the organization Greening Greenfield, it is worth a listen.  I attended their monthly meeting for the first time this month and they are a great group of people doing wonderful things and being very, very effective.  Check ’em out at