Valley Green Energy

From the Newsletter, June 25, 2023:

Residents of Amherst, Pelham and Northampton have been working together for years to bring Valley Green Energy, a group electricity buying program, to their city/town so that residents and businesses will have new choices and greater control over the cost and environmental impact of the electricity they use. You can learn more about this program at the Valley Green Energy website and by viewing this recording

Valley Green Energy needs regulatory approval from the state before the program is able to launch. One meaningful action residents can take to green our electricity is to write a comment to the Department of Public Utilities before June 30. Go here for details.

 Comments will accompany the application materials to DPU, so they are key for showing community support for the aggregation. See example comments here written by Local Energy Advocates.

Comments may be submitted to:

  • Carolyn Misch at (for Northampton residents) 
  • Stephanie Ciccarello at (for Amherst residents) 
  • Bob Agoglia (for Pelham residents)

Be sure “ In Support of Valley Green Energy” appears in the subject line of the email. You can attach a pdf of your comments, or include them in the text of the email.