Think About It?

OK, I’m thinking about and it appears fracking is coming to the Pioneer Valley!

Heard this ad on WFCR during NPR’s All Things Considered today, July 24th at 5:29pm:

[quote]From America’s Natural Gas. Learn how a farmer in Ohio has helped support his family’s farm with the production of natural gas on their land. ThinkAboutIt.Org[/quote]

This is so unbelievable I’ve made a YouTube of the ad so you can hear it for yourself… it starts at 20 seconds after the Angie’s List ad:

From WFCR’s website, here is their target audience:


Pioneer Valley is ground zero!

It is pretty clear that the Natural Gas industry would NOT be wasting their money supporting our local public radio if they didn’t have ulterior motives: plans for fracking the valley.  In fact, I bet they don’t even like public radio.

Now, let’s see what ThinkAboutIt.Org is all about.  The first thing I notice, web geek that I am and taking a peek behind the curtain, 379 cookies!  Yikes, this little bit of web surfing is probably being watched in real time by the Koch brothers, Dick Cheney, 1/3 of the NSA sys admins with a Top Secret clearance, Rupert Muddock and all the rest of those greedy bastards.  Normally, a website would use less than a dozen cookies so this tells me they are doing their “Mad Men” best to figure out who is looking and then how to deal with them next in focusing, targeting and general misleading in their future advertising campaigns.

Here’s their home page:


 So look at what this website is selling?  family-owned farms!  Safety?  Come on, these pictures are bucolic and all, but give me a break.  This website is squarely aimed at family farms here in the valley and they are getting the word out that natural gas can save  family owned farms that are economically distressed.  Makes me wonder what other advertising campaigns are now taking place.

Click on the Safety picture and watch their You Tube video… a moving picture is worth 1,000,000 words!

Do we really want our ground water poisoned?  What can we do??  One thing is we can organize and have our towns and cities pass local ordinances banning fracking ASAP.  Also, we can support current legislation already in the house, H788 and sponsored by Northampton’s (1st Hampshire District) Rep. Peter Kocot.

We’ve got our work cut out for us however, the writing is clearly on the wall.  After the aptly named “American Groundwater Trust” group held their conference at UMass last December and now this ad… we have truly been fore warned!

1 if by land, 2 if by sea, and 3 if fracking horizontally!