The Climate Bank bill

The Climate Bank bill sponsored by Senator Paul Mark and Representative Joan Meschino (S.675/H.3774) is included in a hearing announced by the Financial Services Committee.  We ask that you send an email message to the Committee in support of this bill (this is a priority bill supported by CAN).  

Address your e-mail message to the Co-chairs of the Financial Services Committee, and copy your state legislators.  Below is a suggested message.

Dear Senator Feeney and Representative Murphy:   Massachusetts needs long term funding to support work on climate change.  A climate bank, as proposed in S.675/H.3774, An Act Creating a Climate Bank in Massachusetts, is an innovative financing mechanism, that will provide funding and technical support for “climate and clean energy innovations,” by attracting private capital for projects that help reduce geenhouse gas emissions.  Climate banks adapt their focus areas over time as they monitor the market and identify areas where more funding is needed.

Please support a favorable vote on S.675/H.3774.  

Thank you,




You may also call the the Financial Service Committee, and ask for support of the bill, which is included in an October 24th hearing. Bill name/numbers above. (617) 722-1222 or (617) 722-2220 S.675/H.3774·        Provides long-term funding·        Brings private capital to fund green-house gas reduction projects·        Evauates and adjusts funding programs over time as markets change