Tell Governor Baker: No Tariff for Pipelines!

Our new Governor Charlie Baker is dead set against new taxes — and yet he is considering a new fee, to be paid by us electricity consumers, to subsidize fossil fuel pipelines. These gas pipelines will crisscross our state and endanger our health, safety, climate AND POCKETBOOKS! Why would we want a new tax on ratepayers that would benefit corporations and not the people? It’s outrageous!

Baker is planning to meet with his fellow New England governors in the next few weeks to discuss these pipeline proposals. PLEASE give him a quick call now and tell him to oppose the tariff.

Here’s a call script you can adapt to your own words: (may need to paste into your browser)

Phone # for the Governor’s Office =  (617) 725-4005
Sample Script
 My name is (name) from (city/town). I have heard from 350MA that the governor will soon be meeting with other New England governors about the gas pipeline tariff. Please let Governor Baker know that:
1.     I do not want the gas pipelines and do not want to pay a tariff to support them.
2.     I believe these pipelines are not needed – we can & must get our electricity from renewables or from existing infrastructure.
3.     I know these pipeline projects are very dangerous for our health, safety and the climate. They can explode, leak, and emit harmful greenhouse gas.
4.     I resent being asked subsidize these obsolete & dangerous projects with my hard earned dollars.
5.     I hope we can rely on Governor Baker to protect our Commonwealth.
Thank you.
Please email the results of your call to Emily Kirkland