Talking Points for Solar Lobby Day, April 7

If you can’t make it to Boston for Solar Lobby Day, April 7, how about a quick phone call to let your state legislators know how you feel?  We’re at risk of seriously slowing the Massachusetts solar market if our legislature doesn’t vote to lift net-metering caps ASAP! Please call your legislators on April 7 and ask them to lift the caps on net-metering and support 20% solar in MA by 2025
Talking Points

Hello, my name is ______ and I am calling to leave a message for _(your legislator)_ about solar energy legislation and the Massachusetts economy.I am concerned that, currently, eighty percent of our energy dollars leave Massachusetts; especially when we could be capturing many of those dollars by growing our own green economy.  Promoting more solar in Massachusetts provides the double benefit of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and creating more jobs in our state.   The number of solar jobs in MA grew by 46% between 2013 and 2014, and there is potential to grow a lot more.

Solar is good for our environment, our health and our economy…but the existing caps on net metering drive up costs and reduce local investment in solar.  This seriously threatens the Massachusetts energy economy and the local jobs that go with it.  The Net Metering Cap for public projects in National Grid territory was already hit in March of this year.  We need urgent action on your part to lift the net metering caps.  And we need you to continue to support legislation that promotes our local solar economy.

I’m calling on _(your legislator)_ to lift net metering caps ASAP, and to support legislation calling for a goal of 20% of our electricity to be from solar by 2025. (Senate Docket 1616/House Docket 2297)

Thank you for your time.
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