Take Action on State Legislation

Push back against fossil fuel interests nationally by supporting climate action on the state level! We will be updating you regularly on the bills needing testimony and other important request for action.

August, 2020 State Climate Bills Update and NEW ACTION ALERT: Advocate for best outcome during committee discussions of the new climate bill.

Usually the formal legislative session ends in Massachusetts on July 31.  However, this being an unusual year, the legislature has extended the session until the end of the year in order to complete the work interrupted by the COVID pandemic.  Therefore, we have a bit more time to advocate for important climate bills.

Though our top priority bills (100% Renewable Energy, Carbon Pricing) died in committee, and the Environmental Justice bills were stuck in Ways and Means, the last week of July the MA House introduced a climate bill with some similar provisions to that passed by the MA Senate (S.2500) at the beginning of 2020.  After amendment proposals and debate, the bill was passed as H.4399 which now has been assigned to a Conference Committee to reconcile the two pieces of climate legislation.  

A description of the process and outcome referred to above can be found HERE and a comparison of the two bills HERE.  Because the Conference Committee now has an extended interval to work on the reconciliation, we have the opportunity to advocate for the kinds of inclusions and exclusions we deem essential.  

Despite neither bill being adequate to address the climate crisis confronting us, there are good aspects to each that we wish to preserve and there are terrible provisions we seek to eliminate.  Therefore, we are asking climate advocates to contact their legislators to ask them to press hard for the outcomes we consider crucial.  This will also help them appreciate our dedication and persistence, as well as our expectations of them becoming stronger allies in the fight for a livable planet.

Please find a sample letter HERE that you can adapt for your use in communicating with your Representative.  Please cut and paste it into an email message to send to your Rep.   You can follow up with a phone call to their office (see phone script at the bottom of the sample letter).

If you would like to send a letter to the Conference Committee itself, see HERE for instructions, including contact info. You can copy and paste it into an email to each of the members of the committee.  If you use social media, there are also facebook addresses and twitter handles provided for your use.

Thank you for helping to push our MA legislature to enact stronger climate legislation than they might otherwise do in the absence of pressure from those of us who know how desperately we need bold action.