Take Action on State Legislation

Push back against fossil fuel interests nationally by supporting climate action on the state level! We will be updating you regularly on the bills needing testimony and other important request for action.

Thank you for helping to push our MA legislature to enact stronger climate legislation than they might otherwise do in the absence of pressure from those of us who know how desperately we need bold action.

All Hands on Deck!
Take action this week for a truly *net zero* stretch building code

We need everyone to respond to the recently released draft proposal from the MA Dept. of Energy Resources (DOER) for a new ’net zero’ stretch building code. It is woefully inadequate to meet our Greenhouse Gas Emission reduction goals.  
Here is a toolkit that will help you craft a message to let DOER know we expect a much better ‘net zero’ building code!  This toolkit will help you take action (send comments to DOER, register for a DOER listening session, learn more about the issues) this week!
Let DOER know we are paying attention; what they are proposing is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  Submit comments to: stretchcode@mass.gov with the subject line: Stretch Code Straw Proposal Comments.  Here’s a draft letter you can modify; email to DOER by 5pm, March 9.