Subsidies for Solar – Comment period open til 2/2/24

Mass. DOER (Dept. of Energy Resources) has opened a public comment period regarding the solar subsidy program, SMART and is requesting responses to questions on this document.

Because we know that most large-scale solar developments in forests, on agricultural land, or threatening the environment receive a SMART subsidy, our voices need to be heard if we hope to change the SMART regs . A large response rate might make them pay attention. If nothing else, our recommendations will be documented. 

Thank you to Michael DeChiara for offering these guidelines and attachments to help make this simpler for us to respond.  The following are attached.

  1. Selected questions and possible responses (talking points). Choose what makes sense to you. You can add other thoughts they don’t ask about for question #14.
  2. Michael’s responses, in case this is helpful
  3. Sections of the SMART regs that he thinks are most relevant to comment on
  4. Blank Word file with the questions that DOER’s consultants are asking 

The deadline for submitting written comments on the questions for the SMART review is Friday, February 2, 2024 by 5pm.

Instructions to submit:

Send your edited document via email to: