New in 2020: Stop The Money Pipeline

A new international campaign to stop the money pipeline propping up the fossil fuel industry. This is a coalition of many groups such as (CAN Is a local node), Rainforest Action Network, HipHop Caucus, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Oil Change International, and many more. To start, 3 of the biggest funders of new fossil fuel industry are targeted: Chase, Blackrock, and Liberty Mutual. Massachusetts organizers have come up with some great actions for us to take during this time when we can’t protest in person.

TO DO: Online Reviews on Chase. New April 25, 2020

Massachusetts organizers are signing up people to give an honest review of Chase Bank, including branches, on various internet review sites and social media. This honest review can include how you feel about Chase being the #1 banker for the fossil fuel industry. We are signing up for a slot in a coming week to write the reviews. This is an ongoing, rolling action. Use your email to sign up on this signup genius form, and the organizers will send you simple instructions at the start of your week.


TO DO: Make noise to get Black Rock to vote Lee Raymond off board of Chase

Go to BlackRock’s Big Problem for instructions to tweet, call, etc, including an autodialer. This is about getting JP Morgan Chase to remove climate criminal Lee Raymond from its board.

TO DO: Go to and add your name to the mailing list.

We’ll be watching for opportunities to initiate or participate in local actions in coordination with the overall campaign.