State Leg. action: email to conference committee members.

As an additional action, please consider writing a Letter to the Editor or contacting or tagging the members on social media. Please see the end of this page for social media handles.

Sample Email Directly to the Conference Committee,,,,,

Dear Chairs Barrett and Golden, Senators Creem and O’Connor, Representatives Haddad and Jones,

I live in [CITY/TOWN]____________________________________________________

I am reaching out to you about the status of climate legislation. Mass Power Forward is calling on you– the joint climate Conference Committee reconciling H.4933 and S.2500– to exclude/include the following provisions that are aligned with our core 2019-2020 priorities in the legislature’s final bill:

  • Eliminate biomass fuel from Municipal Light Plant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standard (GGES) in SECTION 15 of H.4933
  • Enact Environmental Justice as enumerated in H.4933
  • Add specific interim GHG reduction goals as in both bills
  • Increase the Renewable Portfolio Standard as in H.4933
  • Increase the amount of offshore wind to be harnessed, as in both bills

In addition there are several other important provisions to attend to:

  • Include the deadline for issuing regulations to meet the 2030 goals to be not later than 1/1/22 as in S.2500
  • Require Municipal Light Plants (MLP) to reduce their GHG) emissions as in H.4933
  • Include a Net-Zero Stretch Code as in S.2500
  • Improve building standards and energy efficiency and add members to the BBRS as in both bills
  • Update the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) Mission Statement as in S.2500
  • Eliminate Net Metering Caps as in H.4933 for some arrays, and expand opportunities for solar, especially to low-income communities, as in S.2500
  • Eliminate H.4933’s language that would make solar arrays taxable
  • Establish a land use commission to develop recommendations on land use restrictions within the SMART Program as in H.4933

Thank you for your time and commitment to this work.

Social Media handles for the conference committee members

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