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From our Food Sovereignty speakers series:

Gardening the Resistance: with Terry Gibson of Dwight Street Garden

January 18, 2022 at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Just a few blocks from Holyoke City Hall, Dwight Street Garden is an anchor for the community. In its first season, Neighbor to Neighbor and a team of 20+ volunteers donated over 100 lbs. of produce, hosted free cookouts, and helped the community advocate for their issues at City Hall.

Come learn about Dwight Street Garden’s effort to build community and address food insecurity and chronic illness, one bag of lettuce at a time.

Terry Gibson lives in Holyoke, MA where he is Co-Coordinator of the Holyoke Unofficial Gardeners group and Field and Cultural Organizer for Neighbor to Neighbor. Over the last 15 years Terry has volunteered with grassroots organizations including Garfield Community Farm in Pittsburgh, PA.

The program is free but registration is required: Register HERE

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Kiss the Ground film

Kiss the Ground is a full-length documentary (narrated by Woody Harrelson) that sheds light on regenerative agriculture which has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our water supplies and feed more people.    This revolution in how we grow our food and care for the soil is the solution — right beneath our feet! — to many intractable problems threatening the very survival of civilization.

Mina Liang (AmherstINDY) reported on an October showing, “Amherst Residents See Solutions Beneath Their Feet At Outdoor Film Screenings Of ‘Kiss the Ground’” (10/16/20).