Speakers and Events on Farming, Forests, and Food Systems

Next meeting: June 20, 2022, 7:00 – 8:30 pm on zoom

We’re going to focus our meeting on actions we can take to protect and preserve our city and town tree canopies. We’ll be joined by David Meshoulam, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Speak for the Trees, a Boston group whose mission is to improve the size and health of the urban tree in Boston, with a focus on under-resourced and under-canopied neighborhoods.



Past events on video

Protecting Massachusetts Forests: A series of talks about the critical importance of forests in the time of Climate Emergency

Soil Health Speaker Series: Beyond Stopping Emissions: How Healthy Soil and Plants Can Restore Climate Balance

Food Sovereignty Speaker Series




Kiss the Ground film





Kiss the Ground is a full-length documentary (narrated by Woody Harrelson) that sheds light on regenerative agriculture which has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our water supplies and feed more people.    This revolution in how we grow our food and care for the soil is the solution — right beneath our feet! — to many intractable problems threatening the very survival of civilization.

Mina Liang (AmherstINDY) reported on an October showing, “Amherst Residents See Solutions Beneath Their Feet At Outdoor Film Screenings Of ‘Kiss the Ground’” (10/16/20).