Solar Siting to Protect Forests & Local Authority

  • H.3230 S.2164  which would establish a municipality’s right to reasonably regulate solar power locations and prevent the current unfortunate exploitative and massively destructive solar development practices.
  • H.3225 / S.2150 An Act to Encourage Solar Development on Buildings and Disturbed Land. Fact sheet.
  • H.3144 / S.2089  An Act promoting solar energy canopies on large parking lots
  • H3229S.2163 An Act prohibiting public and ratepayer funding of clearcutting forests and woodlands.

Hearing of the House & Senate Committees on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy (TUE) June 20 & 21, 2023

House Hearing June 20, 2023 (Lindsay testifies at 7 minutes in) – Senate Hearing June 21, 2023

“These bills all encourage solar development where it makes the most sense; like built landscapes and disturbed lands so we do not damage or sacrifice our essential ecosystems, climate superheroes like forests, wetlands, and farmlands.
New man-made energy technologies are necessary but not to replace Nature’s ancient technologies, which have always regulated the climate, until humans decided they knew better”

“Whenever there is a conversation about siting solar, my neighbors lament that there is no infrastructure to prioritize placing solar arrays on commercial roofs, on brownfields, and over parking lots. These would not only produce green energy, but also provide cooling as they shade spaces that currently add to the urban heat island effect. As a member of the River Valley Market food cooperative, I was delighted that our new store in Easthampton incorporated solar panels over the parking area. But it should be possible to site arrays like this on existing buildings and parking lots rather than require new construction. Some of the solar installers who testified pointed out their expertise and willingness to work with clients and agencies to make these types of projects possible.”