Script for contacting Sen Welch about carbon pricing legislation


In conversations with supporters, Senator Jim Welch (D-Springfield) has said he’s open-minded about carbon pricing legislation but hasn’t yet indicated he’d support it. Time is getting short; there’s a July 1 deadline for the joint committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy to make a decision about moving the bill forward or killing it.

So, please Call Sen. Jim Welch at 617-722-1660 or email him at

If you live in Springfield tell him you’re a constituent, or if you know someone in Springfield please ask them to call or write. Here is a script you can use:


“[I’m calling]  [I’m writing]  about the carbon pricing bills in the joint Telecommunications, Energy, and Utilities Committee – S1747 (Sen. Barrett’s bill) and S1786 (Sen. Pacheco’s bill.) Climate change is a very important issue to me, and both bills will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep the $20 billion we spend to import dirty fossil fuels from out of state in our local economy. Please contact Sen. Smizik and sign his letter to the TUE chairs, and if the bills come to the Senate for a vote, vote YES.”