Save Our Solar – NOW! Massachusetts Call-in campaign


Hundreds of solar projects remain stalled across the Commonwealth, because the legislature has not acted to save net metering. We need everyone to call your state senator and representative, and reach out to your friends, colleagues, and relatives across the state to call as well.

The message:

“Raise the solar net metering caps!  We need this NOW, so that dozens of public solar projects that have already received permits can be built and supply solar electricity to their town buildings and communities.”

“Please support House Bill 2852, Senate Bill 1770, as Reps. Calter and Mark and Senator Eldridge have written them. Vigorously oppose and disallow any amendment that would set caps lower, expire them sooner, or limit virtual net metering or community-shared solar in any way.”

* Sign the petition: Tell Governor Baker & Legislatures: Lift Solar Caps Now!

Read this recent report from Environment Massachusetts for more information:

As net metering debate continues, report shows benefits of solar energy far outweigh costs

By Ben Hellerstein, Environment Massachusetts

Boston – Solar panels deliver benefits to the electric grid and to society at large that are greater than the compensation their owners receive through net metering, according to a report released today by the Environment Massachusetts Research and Policy Center.

“Opponents of solar energy are trying to keep us in the dark, but today’s report will shed light on the truth about solar,” said Ben Hellerstein, State Director for Environment Massachusetts. “Solar is a good deal for our environment, our economy, and electric ratepayers across Massachusetts.”

The report, Shining Rewards: The Value of Rooftop Solar Power for Consumers and Society, analyzes 11 studies on the benefits and costs of solar and concludes that net metering is a fair way to compensate solar owners for the value they provide. It comes as the standoff over the state’s net metering program approaches its fourth month. READ MORE.