Sample Constituent Meeting Agenda

Sample Constituent Meeting Agenda    

This is a sample to guide you; use your own words and let the conversation flow as much as possible! Remember – if the legislator or staff ask a question and you don’t know the answer, it’s a great opportunity to say: “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back to you!”

Pre-meeting preparation

Know your legislator (familiarize yourself with especially the CAN priority bills they have sponsored/co-sponsored, committee chairmanships and memberships, interests, bio, district, endorsements by organizations, and website)

Go over the agenda

Decide on facilitator and speakers, order of speaking

Agree on ground rules

Determine a note taker______________________

Arrive 5 min early


Bring copies of relevant materials/folders etc.

Introduction – speaker ____________

Facilitator gives a brief description of the organization and its interest in the issue.

Suggests participant introductions.

Participants introduce themselves with their affiliations. Give legislator/staff the materials with a quick explanation.

Confirm how much time allotted for the meeting.

Thank you – speaker ________________

Thank the legislator for current or past work on your issue or related issues and for taking the time to meet.

Personal story – speaker ________________

Give a personal story about why you care about taking action on climate, and why support for these issues is important to you and your community. Ask legislator/staff about their experiences.

Issues Update and Talking Points (may change monthly) – Speakers _____________________

  1. Explain reason for CAN 12 Point Plan – written due to the emergency nature of climate disruption. CAN has determined priority bills supporting each point.

  1. Legislature needs to step up on climate and not treat as business as usual. Climate needs to be top priority – not traded away for any other issues.

  1. We urge support for (or thank for) acknowledgement that we are moving toward 100% renewable energy and opposition to new fossil fuel infrastructure.

  1. We urge support for accelerating the move away from fossil fuels and to 100% renewables by increasing the RPS to 3%, removal of solar net metering cap, rapid development of increased, resilient battery storage, and moving the building and transportation sectors rapidly to become electrified and energy efficient approaching zero net energy.

  1. We urge you to support other bills on the list on building, transportation, energy efficiency, carbon pricing, divestment, financing, green jobs. We feel that the legislature is capable of tackling this problem from multiple angles so that we can actually prevent the worst climate disruption. Every piece of the puzzle helps to get us to our goal more quickly.

Asks – Speaker _________________

Support all of the CAN bills, a comprehensive approach.

Promote urgent, accelerated action on climate by showing public support, raising visibility, working with colleagues.

Remind of scorecard criteria and ask to contact us with anything creditable.

Convince a non-supporting colleague to support a particular bill.

Sign the pledge not to take fossil fuel or utility money.

Close – Speaker ___________________

Thanks the legislator or staff member for their time.

Find out if staff member has questions or would like any additional information.

Confirm the information you will follow-up with; and the next meeting time.

Be sure to get contact information for any relevant staff members!

End with a final thank you for time and support, and that you look forward to staying in touch.

Debrief – Facilitator ___________________

How did it go? Did you accomplish your goals? What were the responses to asks? What is the follow up and who will do it? Who will edit and provide notes to the group?