Rolling March of Words – All the Details!


The Rolling March of Words is a weekly gathering every Sunday in December. The intent is for residents of the towns to write letters to legislators to urge their upholding of Article 97 and to oppose any new natural gas pipelines in MA.

Be personal and specific: Write succinctly about your own reasons, facts, values and love of place.

Mention: (1) Why you are opposed to the pipeline (2) Massachusetts leadership in conservation (3) Protection of Article 97 (4) Your town resolution, if applicable (5) Eminent Domain objections


– Set up a “Pledge Sheet” at the library, community centers, churches, schools, etc… Residents can sign to pledge to turn out the lights Sundays from 6:00-9:00. Include names and phone numbers so pledges can be contacted and reminded.

– Turn off house lights before you leave for the gathering. Turn off any non-essential devices, unplug televisions, computers and other electronics that might draw phantom power.


– Select a host site, (a community building, church or other gathering place).

– Bring stamps, envelopes and names and address list for legislators. Bring candles, lanterns…

– Include ‘personalized,’ items that might be good to send with the letters, photos, postcards, etc…

– Compose letters. Personal stories and hand written letters work best. Encourage people to try to write ten letters each. Celebrate and have fun, share food and drink, stores and songs.


– Tally the numbers of letters written and to whom.

– Count the numbers of households with lights out.

– Share numbers on Facebook and the No Fracked site, and include pictures of your event


– Contact family and friends in the targeted district and have them write or call their legislators.

– Identify and contact sympathetic organizations from the districts to write letters.


Sunday Nov. 30

(Note –all are state senators unless otherwise noted. Address to legislators –Mass State House + Rm. # – Boston, MA 01233)

1. (Michael Barrett) Lexington D Massachusetts State House, Rm 313A, Boston, MA 02133 617-722-1572
2. (William N. Brownsberger) Belmont D 413C 617-722-1280
3. SENATOR ELECT, ERIC LESSER (Send to statehouse without rm #)
4. (Harriette L. Chandler) Worcester D 312C 617-722-1544
5. (Sonia Chang-Diaz) Boston D 312D 617-722-1673
6. (Cynthia S. Creem) Newton D 312A 617-722-1639
7. (Sal N. DiDomenico) Everett D 218 617-722-1650
8 (Kenneth J. Donnelly) Arlington D 413D 617-722-1432
9 Charlie Baker, Governor Elect MA State House, Office of the Gov. Rm 105, Boston, MA 02133
10. (Richard E. Neal) D 202-225-5601 (2208 Rayburn House Office Bldg. US House of Representatives Washington DC 20515)

Dec. 7

11. (Benjamin B. Downing) Pittsfield D Massachusetts State House, Rm 413F 617-722-1625
12. (James B. Eldridge) Acton D 413A 617-722-1120
13. SENATOR ELECT BARBARA L’ITALIEN (Send to statehouse without rm #)
14 (Jennifer L. Flanagan) Leominster D 208 617-722-1230
15 (Linda Dorcena Forry) Dorchester D 419 617-722-1150
16 (Robert L. Hedlund) Weymouth R 313C 617-722-1646
17 (Patricia D. Jehlen) Somerville D 513 617-722-1578
18 Matthew Beaton Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, (elect) Rm 542
19 Robert DeLeo Speaker of House, Rm. 356 617 722 2500
20 Niki Tsongas D 202-225-3411 (1607 Longworth House Office Bldg. US House of Representatives Washington DC 20515).

Dec. 14

21 (John F. Keenan) Quincy D 413B 617-722-1494
22 (Thomas P. Kennedy) Brockton D 109E 617-722-1200
23 (Jason M. Lewis) Winchester D 511B 617-722-1206
24 (Joan B. Lovely) Salem D 215 617-722-1410
25 (Thomas M. McGee) Lynn D 109C 617-722-1350
26 (Mark C. Montigny New Bedford D 407 617-722-1440
27 (Michael O. Moore) Millbury D 109-B 617-722-1485
28 SENATOR ELECT RYAN FATMAN (Send to statehouse without rm #)
29 SENATOR ELECT VINNIE DEMACEDO (Send to statehouse without rm #)
30 Joseph P. Kennedy III, D 1218 Longworth House Bldg. US House of Representatives Washington DC 20515. 202-225-5931

Dec. 21

31 (Kathleen O’Connor Ives Newburyport D 519 617-722-1604
32 (Marc R. Pacheco) Taunton D 312B 617-722-1551
33 Anthony W. Petruccelli East Boston D 424 617-722-1634
34 (Michael J. Rodrigues Westport D 213B 617-722-1114
35 Stanley C. Rosenberg, Senate President, Worchester D 333 617-722-1532
36 (Richard J. Ross) Wretham R 520 617-722-1555
37 (Michael F. Rush) W. Roxbury D 504 617-722-1348
38 (Karen E. Spilka) Ashland D 320 617-722-1640
39 (Bruce E. Tarr) Gloucester R 308 617-722-1600
40 Katherine Clark Clark, Katherine D 2108 Rayburn House Office Bldg. US House of Representatives Washington DC 20515) 202-225-2836

Dec. 28

41 James E. Timilty Walpole Rm 507 ext. 1222
42 (James T. Welch) West Springfield D 416A 617-722-1660
43 (Daniel A. Wolf) Harwich D 511B 617-722-1570
44 (Brian A. Joyce) Milton D 109D 617-722-1643
45 (Eileen M. Donoghue) Lowell D 112 617-722-1630
46 (Donald F. Humason, Jr.) Westfield R 213 A 617-722-1415
47 Bradley H. Jones Minority Leader Rm 124, 722-2100
48 REPRESENTIVE ELECT Seth Moulton US House of Representatives Washington DC 20515)
49 Michael E. Capuano, D 1414 Longworth House Bldg. US House of Rep Washington DC 20515)
50 Stephen F. Lynch, D 2133 Rayburn House Office Bldg. US House of Representatives Washington DC
51 William Keating, D 315 Cannon House Office Bldg. US House of Representatives Washington DC 20515