Remove biomass energy subsidies from our state’s clean energy programs!

A conference committee has been appointed to reconcile the Senate clean energy and climate bill with the House clean energy bill (which largely focuses on offshore wind).  The conference committee members are Representatives Jeff Roy, Tackey Chan, and Brad Jones, and Senators Mike Barrett, Cynthia Creem, and Bruce Tarr.  They have until the end of July to negotiate a climate package and move it to the floor of both chambers for a vote.

The good news is that the Senate bill (S.2842) contains the language we have all been working for to remove biomass energy subsidies from the state’s clean energy programs. This means that the biomass provisions are on the table as part of the climate package to be negotiated.  

However, we still need a majority on the conference committee to agree to include this language in the final compromise bill.

It is critically important that the Senate’s biomass provisions are included in the final version of the climate and energy bill currently being negotiated in the House-Senate conference committee. 

Specifically, we want the conference committee to include Sections 22-30 of S.2842, which remove subsidies for woody biomass from the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS).

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Urge your state legislators to speak with the conference committee members and request that the final climate bill include the biomass provisions.
  • If you are a constituent of one of the conference committee members (Jeff Roy, Tackey Chan, Brad Jones, Mike Barrett, Cynthia Creem, or Bruce Tarr), definitely let them know that this remains a priority for you!
  • Continue to recruit more House co-sponsors of H.3333 to demonstrate support for ending subsidies for dirty biomass power. The deadline for co-sponsoring has been extended to June 30, 2022.

Quick script for phone call and email:


I am writing/calling in regard to pending climate legislation. I oppose subsidies for biomass energy. It is urgent the legislature adopt Sections 22-30 of S.2842 in the climate and energy bill that is currently being negotiated in a House and Senate conference committee.These sections would end ratepayer subsidies for dirty biomass energy and protect our health and climate. I urge you to reach out to the conference committee members and advocate for these provisions.

Thank you, as always, for your advocacy!

Katy, for the Partnership for Policy Integrity and the No Toxic Biomass campaign