Reclaiming Our Future / #standUpCharlie events Nov 2017

Next event:

 Thursday, November 16 Springfield 
      12:15-12:45 Governor Baker’s office at the State Office Building. 436 Dwight St  

We’ll be showing up outside Gov Baker’s Springfield office at lunchtime. We protest in tandem with actions that have been taking place at the Boston State House for weeks. These actions are escalating this week as the UN Climate talks take place in Bonn. We are asking Gov. Baker to#standUpCharlie and lead on climate.
We’ll bring some signs and we need people to hold those, or bring your own.

GOV BAKER: don’t saddle us with the DIRTY TRUMP POWER PLAN 
– no pipeline tax
– no new pipelines
– ensure climate justice
– a rapid and just transition to the clean energy economy 
– clean energy for all

Rain of shine.

There is no planet B.  Action is necessary.  

Letter to Governor Baker:

Dear Governor Baker,

We of the Springfield Climate Justice Coalition are in full support of the demands by Mass Power Forward that you meet with environmentalists and that you issue the accompanying executive order that

  •  limits permitting for unhealthy and climate change-inducing new fossil fuel infrastructure
  • opposes pipeline taxes
  • that fully implements in your administration the Climate Justice Executive Order providing relief from pollution to poor frontline communities, and
  • specifically directs jobs and economic development specifically to those communities that have suffered the most from the excesses of the fossil fuel economy, in recognition that our communities suffer from polluted air producing high rates of asthma in Springfield and other Connecticut River Valley neighborhoods.

We have specific interests that we request you observe. The state has not fully funded the growing financial needs of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority, resulting in cuts to service that hurt our poorest residents who rely on buses to go to work, to shop, and to support family. We also have been, for many years, in need of reliable east-west rapid transit to connect us to Boston, a Springfield-to-Boston high speed rail. We request that you ensure full funding of PVTA and expansion of mass transit throughout the Commonwealth, and support legislative action on the construction of high speed rail connecting our state’s two largest cities.

Second, our area includes a wealth of forests that provide sustenance for humans and many other species. Forests are the one proven form of greenhouse gas drawdown that can mitigate rampant climate change. There are efforts afoot to harm this environmental treasure through deforestation for largescale biomass burning which is being promoted as a renewable source of energy. We request that you prevent those proposed changes in the Renewable Energy Regulations.

Third, our Western Massachusetts cities are enriched by hardworking and vibrant Puerto Rican and Caribbean communities with roots in islands that have been devastated by the climate change superpowered storms Maria and Irma. Many people have been forced to leave the islands to live with their family and friends the Connecticut River Valley. They need state support because they have lost everything, and we ask that you direct state resources to their housing, education and emergency needs.

We request a meeting with you and your staff in Western Massachusetts to discuss these issues.  



The letter to Gov Baker explains our demands.

The Executive Order no. 578 was drafted by Mass Power Forward. It is aspirational, but a safe future demands no less.

Click on document image to view, print or download.


We have 3 Dates for Protest Rallies.
1. SUN NOV 5 Northampton

       5:30 step-off Northampton High school MARCH & 6 pm Rally at city all

2. MON NOV 6 Springfield Part 1 
       12:15-12:45 State Office at 436 Dwight St 
3. THU NOV 16 Springfield Part 2
      12:15-12:45 State Office at 436 Dwight St

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Northampton Nov 5:

Springield Nov 6:

Springfield Nov 16: