Racism, White Supremacy & the Climate Movement

The Racism, White Supremacy, & the Climate Movement Working Group of CAN invites everyone to deepen your understanding of the interrelationships between racism and climate change, and to be active in building a powerful climate justice movement. In order to stop climate change, we must address racism. Please use these pages to understand more about why this is true and how we can do this. Please join us as we learn together and become increasingly effective. To join the Working Group please email Russ Vernon-Jones at russvj@gmail.com.

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White Supremacy and Climate Action

A key condition for creating the world we yearn for is to understand and unravel systemic white supremacy while making every effort to repair the harm that has been done. Only then can we build a movement grounded in solidarity, collaboration, love and trust that is our best hope for a just and livable world.  Only with such systemic change will it be possible to truly address the climate emergency in an equitable way, transform the economy so it prioritizes the common good and works equitably for everyone, reverse the advance of authoritarianism, strengthen democracy, and dismantle white supremacy.

Additional resources and perspectives:


“Who Is The Movement”

A video made by Climate Action Now that addresses how central racial justice is to the climate justice movement

“What’s Race Got to Do with It?”

a blog post that offers a quick overview – at Russ Vernon-Jones’s Climate Justice blog –

“Love, Justice, and Climate Change … I know you can make a difference”

at www.russvernonjones.org.

Climate change is going to be the biggest cause of impoverishment, suffering and death for people of color all over the world for the remainder of this century. At the same time, racism keeps being used in the United States to elect politicians who refuse to take action to stop climate change. Racism also divides the climate movement and interferes with building a multi-racial movement powerful enough and inclusive enough to win the changes we need.


GOALS – Racism, White Supremacy and Climate Justice Working Group

These goals were established in 2018 to guide the Working Group and provide an excellent overview of our work. Learn more about the interrelationship between racism, white supremacy, and climate change ourselves, and share our learning with CAN participants. Enable all CAN working groups and projects to use a racial lens as one of the …

Climate Justice Handout – CAN

Created by the CAN Racism-Climate Connections Working Group, February, 2019 Download this and check it out – good information, graphics, and photos. Good for individual reading or for tabling.