Please call, email, tweet or text your rep; ask them to cosponsor Amendment 77 of the new House Climate Bill TODAY, July 30th

Hi Climate Advocates,  
Please call, email, tweet or text your rep and ask them to cosponsor Amendment 77 of the new House Climate Bill. They are voting on this today so time is of the essence!
We are trying to salvage what we can for the climate.  The House came out with its climate bill today and legislators had until 5 pm to submit amendments.  The bill contained no carbon pricing language.  Some of the language of the Meschino Roadmap bill was included but it stripped out the carbon pricing language from the bill (although it left in the definition of a market-mechanism)  Without any carbon pricing language it will be difficult to get the conference between the senate and house bill to come up with language that includes carbon pricing.  
Amendment 77 sponsored by Natalie Blais, corrects this deficit by amending of the Mass law 21N.  (see below for language)
Here are some talking points for cosponsors of H2810 (see attached list)

— Virtually all economic and scientific reports agree that carbon pollution pricing is a requirement to reduce the catastrophic effects of climate change. 

— this amendment requires the state to implement a carbon pricing program under carefully controlled conditions

— carbon pricing is the most economical, effective and efficient way to reduce carbon emissions

— with this amendment the house will be able to conference with the senate to have some type of carbon pollution pricing program –without there will not be any carbon pricing program.

Here is are talking points for nonsponsors

— tightens and clarifies language to ensure that the EEA Secretary uses an economical, effective and efficient program to reduce carbon emissions

—  Can help municipalities invest in transportation, resiliency, and clean energy projects that reduce emissions and create local economic development 

— Supported by hundreds of economists from MA colleges and institutions as a pandemic response

— Will create thousands of green energy jobs. 

Fighting the Climate Crisis

Summary: Requires the establishment of carbon pricing, using existing administrative authority.

Final Language:

“Representatives Blais of Sunderland and Domb of Amherst move to amend the bill, as amended, by adding the following section: “ Section 7. (a) of CHAPTER 21N, as so appearing in the 2018 Official Edition, is hereby amended by striking the words “may consider the use of”, and inserting in place thereof the following words “shall develop a”.  And said section is further amended by striking the words “provided, however, that prior”, and inserting in place thereof the following words “Prior”. “

Thank you all for your commitment to the climate despite all the obstacles!