Pipeline Action Alert: Tell the Governor and Your State Rep:  No Pipeline Tax!

canPhoneThe Mass House of Representatives will soon release the  Omnibus Energy Bill. The fossil fuel industry is working overtime to ensure that this bill includes a PIPELINE TAX, effectively forcing the public to finance unnecessary and dangerous gas pipeline expansion projects. This tax has the potential to help bring the Kinder Morgan fracked gas pipeline back to life.

We stand firmly against any bill that taxes the people of Massachusetts to pay for fossil fuel pipeline subsidies; the climate crisis we face requires intensive efforts at increasing energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy. We are asking everyone to take the actions below and to spread the word. 

Go here to send a letter to your state representative telling them that an energy bill containing a pipeline tax is completely unacceptable; if a pipeline tax is included we want a NO VOTE on the bill. We are hearing from people in the State House that legislators need this reminder now; events will move swiftly once the draft of the bill is released and it will be harder to make our voices heard.

A number of our reps have submitted a letter against the pipeline tax; when you call, you can thank your rep if they signed the letter, but let them know that no matter what, you want them to vote against a pipeline tax! Please ask your rep to sign (if they have not already) an excellent letter about energy priorities being circulated by Rep. Ehrlich’s office. Please go here to read the letter and to see if they have signed on. Please call (617.725.4005) and write to the Governor with the same message.