Now is the time to eliminate fossil fuel pollution that exacerbates diseases like COVID-19: Pass the 100% Renewable Energy Act

We can have cleaner air, healthier communities, and a safer future, if legislators pass the 100% Renewable Energy Act before the session ends on July 31.
There’s one person with the power to bring this bill to a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives: Speaker Bob DeLeo.
This week, we’re calling on Speaker DeLeo to be a #100PercentHero by passing the 100% Renewable Energy Act (H.2836).
This bill, filed by Rep. Marjorie Decker and Rep. Sean Garballey, will transition Massachusetts to 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2045. It ensures that environmental communities and organized labor have a seat at the table.

Here’s how you can join the #100PercentHero Week of Action:

 1. Post on social media

Post on Twitter and Facebook and share why you want Speaker DeLeo to bring the 100% Renewable Energy Act up for a vote. Make sure you use the hashtags #100PercentHero and #Go100MA, and tag @SpeakerDeLeo if you’re posting on Twitter.

Here are some images you can use:

And here are some suggested messages:
Nothing is more important than our health, yet we’re powering our lives with dirty fossil fuels that are making us sick. @SpeakerDeLeo, be a #100PercentHero by passing the Decker/Garballey 100% Renewable Energy Act. #Go100MANo more empty gestures — we need bold action on climate change right now. @SpeakerDeLeo, be a #100PercentHero and pass the Decker/Garballey 100% Renewable Energy Act! #Go100MAI want Massachusetts to be powered by 100% renewable energy because our kids deserve a healthy future free from pollution. @SpeakerDeLeo, be a #100PercentHero and pass the Decker/Garballey 100% Renewable Energy Act. #Go100MA

 2. Call your state representative
We know Speaker DeLeo is influenced by what rank-and-file members of the House say. The best way for us to get representatives to prioritize this bill is to make sure they’re hearing from all of us, their constituents.

You can find your representative’s phone number here. If you don’t know the name of your state representative, you can look it up.

Here’s a script to make a call.

You should leave a message if no one picks up.

 Hello, I’m calling to speak with a staff member in Representative ______’s office (wait to be patched through). …This is Representative ________’s office.Hello, my name is _______, I live in [your town], and I am a constituent of Representative [last name]. I believe Massachusetts should transition to 100% renewable energy to protect our health and help avoid the worst impacts of climate change. I’m calling to ask you to support the Decker/Garballey 100% Renewable Energy Act, House Bill 2836, and please do everything you can to advocate for this bill before the deadline. Thank you!

3. Reach out to Speaker DeLeo (617) 722-2500 and Chair Golden (617) 722-2263)
Email addresses:
Speaker DeLeo-
Chair Golden-

Twitter handles: @SpeakerDeLeo @tomtipagolden
4. Spread the word
You can make an even bigger impact this week by forwarding this email to five of your friends and asking them to take action. It’s going to take a lot of us speaking up to convince Speaker DeLeo to be a hero for 100% renewable energy.

Thanks for taking action! With your help, we can put Massachusetts on track to 100% renewable energy.