No Coal No Gas Activity Plan – City Square 200 Front St., Worcester MA

NEPOOL Future Grid Study Working Meeting – 4/26/22


  • Raise awareness about the planning underway for the future of the New England electric grid. 
  • Advocate for a rapid and just grid transition away from fossils fuels and toward renewable energy. Truth telling about the gap between what should be happening and actually is. 
  • Promote public transparency and accountability for ISO New England and its stakeholders (NEPOOL).
  • Develop dialogue opportunities with ISO and stakeholders.
  • Showing the disconnect between the coal trains and the Future Grid Study.


After sustained pressure from the New England states, environmental activists and other stakeholders, and growing evidence that the climate crisis is upon us, ISO New England has undertaken several substantive studies to help guide the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Last week ISO New England released the finalized Pathways Study: Evaluation of Pathways to a Future Grid.

On April 26, the ISO stakeholder advisory group NEPOOL (New England Power Pool) is holding a meeting to discuss the Pathways Report. As a result of No Coal No Gas efforts over the past year  to establish dialogue with ISO New England, NESCOE (the New England States Committee on Electricity) and NEPOOL, we have been invited to attend this meeting as guests. 

Two No Coal No Gas representatives will participate in the meeting while other environmental justice activists and community advocates will celebrate the completion of the study and express support for a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels.


  • 9:00 – 10:30
    • Gather at City Square across the street from the AC Hotel by Marriott with signs and banners.
    • We are not approaching NEPOOL members or other hotel guests.
    • NCNG representatives who will be attending the meeting as guests speak briefly to the group about our strategy and goals.
  • 9:30
    • NEPOOL meeting begins
    • Community building activities
      • Practicing songs 
      • Practicing chants 
      • Marching around together  
    • Flyering to passerby
  • 12:00 – 1:30
    • Gather at City Square across the street from the AC Hotel by Marriott with signs and banners and music.
    • NCNG representatives speak about what has happened in the meeting (while respecting the confidentiality agreements)
    • [Possibly] NEPOOL representative(s) speak about the purpose, progress and next steps for the Future Grid Study


  • Welcome Future Electric Grid
  • Welcome ISO Stakeholders
  • Support rapid grid transition
  • End fossil fuels
  • Welcome renewable energy
  • Public transparency
  • Transition now
  • Strike down coal build up justice