Minutes 12/16/12

Minutes from CAN Planning Committee Meeting December 16, 2012

In Attendance: Shanti Gaia, Susan Theberge, Sherri Long, Roger Conant, Rick Purcell, Marty Nathan, John Boothroy, Kathy Lewis, Peter Blood, Dick Stein, Mary McCarthy (note taker)

Vision & Mission Statements ~ vote to accept was unanimous. Both statements will be added to the website this week.

Working Group Updates: 

Fracking – Sherri – Fracking conference at UMASS on 12/13 – Ultimate goal is to get fracking banned in MA as quickly as possible. Gas companies have a tendency to buy up mineral rights in order to bypass state permission. Right now only permission to drill in MA is for water wells. Sherri working with local and state legislators to see what our next steps might be. She will let us know when she has more information. It was brought up that we need to be better organized and have better communication with student groups. Sherri has a few student contacts. Roger suggested it would be good to have a specific CAN liaison that goes to the student meetings.

Divestment – Roger – Divestment website renamed www.fossilfuelsdivest.org. They have a mission statement in place. They are working in cooperation with 350MA via Malcolm Bliss. They are looking at religious organizations as good potential for divestment. Again, the subject of student liaisons came up (by Peter). Shanti suggested that when it is time for Divestment Group’s outreach that they let us know so we can help. Roger invites group to attend a divestment meeting.

Other Groups

Environment & Military – Marty – Intention to put a stop to local air show. Rick pointed out local airshow this year is canceled. Not further update.

Mt. Tom Action – Rick – Meeting this Tuesday with Sierra Club to discuss MLK action. Also spoke to a letter to Deval Patrick that he will get Tuesday that we can send around for signatures. We did decide it would make most sense to have an outside event and that it would be good to have student involvement, if possible. Also suggested to get public health involved. Also to reach out to ARISE, Neighbor to Neighbor, and other groups. Rick will update us as to what the action is going to be so we can plan accordingly.

350MA – Shanti – 350MA action is not on MLK weekend. There is a tar sands action happening in Portland, ME. Suggestion around possible car pool and local action here before hand to help promote the action in Portland.

AFSC – on MLK Day – we will support. Not sure if there is an anti-nuclear event in conjunction with or not.

Website UpdateMary – Is working with Roger to get website updated so it may be a more useful tool for calendar updates and staying connected to conference co-sponsors. A brochure and resource guide are also in the planning stages. Since Mary is not working right now and is taking on this extra work there was a unanimous vote to pay her for her services.

List Serve Update Sherri – Now that there is a mission and vision statement, Sherri will finish the facebook page. There was a discussion about frequency of announcements. Roger suggested daily (or as events come up). Peter supports the 1x weekly schedule. It was decided to let Sherri make that call with the understanding that we don’t want to inundate email boxes.

Next Agenda Items – Next meeting will be Jan 13th at 6:30 pm.

The following items will be on that agenda:

1)  CAN group name – Does is conflict with other groups like Citizens Action Network who actively use CAN to identify their group? 2)  Review website for conference group updates – get updates on any other working groups that might be happening. If not, why not? Reconnect with those groups. 3)  Student Group Liaisons – Will individuals commit to attending/keep in contact with student groups? 4)  Financial Process & Fundraising – What is our process for taking in and spending funds?