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Divestment is gaining momentum!

Would you like to know what is happening in the divestment world here in Massachusetts, and other key divestment news?

Here is a new newsletter from the  people who have been working hard to get our state of Massachusetts to divest the giant state workers’ pension fund.

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MassDivest Update

A publication of
Edition 1 Sept. 2015 Subscribe


We are pleased to introduce the first edition of the MassDivest Update, a publication of, which will provide critical news on fossil fuel divestment particularly of the Massachusetts Pension Fund. Our readers include Massachusetts Pension Fund stakeholders such as teachers, public employees, public employee unions, and retirees, as well as other supporters and Massachusetts decision-makers.
It is thrilling that both global and local divestment campaigns are drawing attention to and stimulating other, inter-related actions to prevent climate disruption! We’re moved and heartened by the hope underlying Pope Francis’ call for urgent climate action and by the prospect of real change. We plan to provide you regularly with local and global news, updates, and action ideas to help move us toward that great transition.

In Solidarity,

The team
Darcy, Adele, Micky, Matt, Penny, Lucy, Diane, Alice, Anne

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