Mass Divest Action Alert: Push back at Trump’s anti-climate policies!

All hands on deck for a great opportunity.

Last week, MA had exciting movement on Pension Fund Divestment! MA divestment bill sponsor Representative Marjorie Decker filed Amendment #380 to the House Budget, which would divest the pension fund from coal and set up a process that could lead to divestment from oil and gas.  The timing is perfect for responding to the Trump administration’s anti-climate/pro-coal plans, touted last week by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

We have just a few days to get House members to support budget item #380 before the budget goes to the House Floor. Please follow the directions below TODAY. to call your Reps and get this thing done!

Find your Rep here and contact info here. Following is a suggested script:

Hello. My name is _________________. I am a constituent concerned about climate change.  I am horrified at the direction of the federal government under the current President.  I am calling today to urge you to sign on in support of Budget Amendment #380, sponsored by Rep. Decker, which would have the state pension fund divest from coal.  This small action will send a loud, clear moral statement to the Trump administration that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts rejects policies that turn us backwards in combatting climate change.  For the sake of future generations, we will do everything in our power to create a vibrant, new and sustainable economy. Can I count on your support for this amendment?

If you have time to send a follow up email, make sure you write something like this in the subject line:  Support H. Budget Amendment #380, Coal Divestment, to Send a Message to Trump.

Please report your call using this link. Thanks, it will only take one more minute.

Also, please join our major global divestment mobilization action on May 16 – the Billionaires Bash – when we will expose MA Pension Fund support for Trump’s fossil fuel agenda. See the details below.

Please help get the word out by sharing this newsletter with your unions or other groups.

In Solidarity,
The MassDivest Coalition Coordinating Committee


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