June Featured Climate Actions

This is the third of a continuing series of monthly “Climate Actions of the Month”, brought to you by the USNF Climate Action Group (CAG). It is a way to provide focus and build a spirit of collective action as we each do what we can to tackle climate change. Each monthly bundle of actions touches on 4 levels: personal, community, state/national/global, and educational. Our website will be coming soon and will offer resources to support the monthly actions. To learn more about the CAG contact Molly Hale at hellomolly@comcast.net or 585-0791.


1. Personal: If you have a vegetable garden, focus on keeping it mulched, watered, and tended consistently this season. If you don’t, try growing vegetables in containers such as 5 gallon buckets. Here’s one website with details on how to do this: http://containergardening.about.com/od/vegetablesandherbs/tp/5-Tips-For-Growing-Tomatoes-In-Containers.htm

2. Community: Plant fruit trees with other neighbors. Many fruit trees require more than one plant in order to pollinate. Why not plan with your neighbors to coordinate planting trees that will pollinate with each other? Local garden centers can advise on the best varieties for our region and how to get started.

3. State/National/Global: Support Ed Markey for U.S. senator. Mark your calendar to vote in the Special Election on June 25. Markey is a far better candidate in terms of climate change, by supporting the Kyoto protocol, voting against the Keystone Pipeline and leading the congressional investigation into the BP oil spill. To volunteer or contribute to his campaign, visit http://www.edmarkey.com/. His opponent, Gomez, supports the Keystone pipeline and on his official website seems to favor business over meaningful climate actions.

4. Inform yourself: Plan a movie night with friends or neighbors to watch a documentary about climate change. It’s important to keep reminding ourselves of why dealing with climate change is so urgent. Some possibilities are Six Degrees Could Change the World by National Geographic and available from our local library system, Do the Math by 350.org, available on YouTube, and Chasing Ice, available from Netflix.