July & August Featured Climate Actions

We all want to do our part to prevent climate change, right? We urgently need to act on many levels at once: personal, community, state/national/global, and keeping ourselves informed and inspired. These suggestions make it easy for you to decide what to do! These featured actions are brought to you by the Climate Action Group of the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence and are now also circulated at the Haydenville Congregational Church, the Co-op Power newsletter, and on the website of Climate Action Now, where an archive of past monthly actions is also available.

1. Personal: Instead of exploring distant locales and foreign cultures, expand your internal horizons by exploring a new (low carbon) pursuit in your home region such as music or art lessons, personal growth, spirituality, developing friendships, deepening your local relationship with nature, volunteering, or getting involved with local activist groups.

2. Community: Make your next shopping trip to Hadley by bicycle. Celebrate the re-opening of the Norwottock bike path, now re-paved from Damon Road to the malls.

3. State/National/Global: Put your money where your values are. Check out the work of these groups that fight climate change, and donate to one or more. Some possibilities are:

4. Inform yourself: Visit your local bookstore and spend a relaxing hour browsing the environmental section. What grabs your interest? What inspires or motivates you?