Help needed this week! Let’s get support for the carbon pollution pricing bills

This is a CRUCIAL week for bills in the Massachusetts Statehouse.    This is the beginning of the 2017-2018 legislation session, and all the new bills have been filed.   Right now, we the people,  who are concerned about the climate crisis, have a job to do:  Ask our senators and representatives to co-sponsor  2 carbon pollution fee bills.

Putting a price on carbon (also known as “Carbon Pricing” or “Carbon Pollution Fee”  is a proven way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  A portion of the money is rebated to individuals. In some schemes the fee is fully rebated to individuals; in others, a portion is put to use for mass transportation, green jobs, or green infrastructure like electric vehicle filling stations.

WHAT:   We each need to ask our senator and representative to CO-SPONSOR the bills.

WHEN:  ASAP, The deadline for the co-sponsoring is Feb 3, so we need to send our letters & call now.

HOW:    Part 1 –  Send a letter.  Instructions below.

HOW:    Part 2-  Also, please call!  


Instructions for letter:

 1. Get the name of your Massachusetts State Representative and State Senator.   If you don’t know, find out on this page by typing in your zip code:

2. Find out if they supported carbon pricing last year.   Here is the list of representatives and senators who DID SUPPORT

3. If you found their name on the list, send them the THANKS-PLEASE-SUPPORT-AGAIN  letter.  Download  the letter by Clicking HERE and then print it.    We are thanking them for supporting the carbon pricing bills that did not pass last year, and asking them to support the new ones. 

4. If the name is NOT on the list , send them the NEW-SUPPORTER letter.  Download  the letter by Clicking HERE.  We are asking them to support the carbon pricing bills in this session

5. Write in “Dear [name]”  at the top

6. sign it  with your name AND address (so your rep knows that you are a constituent)

7. put in envelope and send it to


State House

24 Beacon St

Boston, 02133

Thank you for participation in this extremely important part of the climate change solution puzzle!

For explanations of the bills,  both of which include carbon pricing provisions that will help reduce the use of fossil fuels and spur growth in renewable energy sources.