Help Wanted: Forest Talk Series Dissemination to Schools

In Spring of 2021 the RF3 Education Subcommittee completed curricula for the Forest Talk Series in order to make these excellent talks accessible to faculty in high schools and colleges. These curricula have now been vetted by the speakers themselves and Janet Sinclair of Save Massachusetts Forests, and are ready to go out for the fall semester. 

We very much need people to contact local schools to offer this resource as a supplement to their courses. The talks can easily fit into environmental studies programs, ecology, and plant biology. Depending on the talk and context, they could also fit in with various courses in political science, public health and economics. If you have a few moments that you could help out with this dissemination project, please contact Lynne Man,

We have a boiler-plate letter of introduction to make it easy to approach faculty to offer this great resource. If you have any direct connections with schools – even better!