Hampden County Strategy (Proposal)


To preserve a livable world we need to do two things: succeed in campaigns while we build a powerful movement. That’s why we’re planning to focus our efforts over the next few months in Hampden County, where fair carbon pricing doesn’t yet have strong support. To learn more about how this work-in-progress strategy is shaping see below.   Come to our meetings at Panera’s in Hadley, 8:30 am 1st & 3rd Mondays every month, to help shape the strategy and make it happen!

Hampden County Strategy Proposal

We’ve done a good job in Hampshire County. For example Reps. Kocot, Kulik, Scibak, and Story all signed the legislators’ letter to the TUE chairs, and we know that Sen. Rosenberg is doing what he can in his Presidents’ role to support fair carbon pricing. But, the only Hampden County legislator to sign the letter was Aaron Vega. Even Sen. Lesser, who appeared supportive on May 10 sitting next to Sen. Barrett, has not yet signed the letter! We need to do better in Hampden County, both to get legislation passed, and  to build our movement to preserve a livable world.

Here’s the current list of organizations and people we’re working with. New alliances and actions emerge every week as we make progress (Note: “**” means “in May.”)


Hampden County:
League of Women Voters (LWV)**
Healthcare Without Harm (HWH)**
Arise for Social Justice**
Clean Water Action**
Sierra Club**
Springfield No One Leaves
Other members of Springfield Climate Justice Coalition TBA
Sen. Jim Welch** (meeting on May 6, including LWV, HWH, and Arise members)
Sen. Eric Lesser** (meeting on May 16 led by Sierra Club)
Sen. Don Humason.
Rep. Brian Ashe (Question: can we cluster the following 3 Reps?)
Rep. Carlos Gonzalez
Rep. Angelo Puppolo
Rep. Jose Tosado
Rep. Aaron Vega
Hampshire County legislators we need to maintain current, good relationships with:
Sen. Stan Rosenberg
Rep. Peter Kocot
Rep. Steve Kulik
Rep. Tommy Petrolati
Rep. John Scibak
Rep. Ellen Story



The statewide Campaign for a Clean Energy Future is calling for a Lobby Week May 9-13.   If you want to go to the Statehouse on May 11, sign up here.  

If you would like to take action that week (e.g. Letter to the Editor, social media, etc.) – get on the Climate Action Now Carbon Fee & Rebate Google group by emailing Dave Roitman: droitman1@verizon.net. OR feel free to work DIRECTLY with the Coalition by clicking on http://campaignforcleanenergyfuture.org/ or with Climate XChange by clicking on http://climate-xchange.org/