Food Systems and Food Sovereignty Speaker Series

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Everyone who eats food and lives on land is responsible for healing and repairing our food system ~ Leah Penniman

Uprooting Racism, Seeding Sovereignty (a keynote delivered in 2020) ~ Shown for Climate Action Now on February 15, 2022

Leah Penniman tells the story of Soul Fire Farm in the context of the African contribution to farming in the U.S., overshadowed as it has been by enslavement, racism, and lack of resources. She is the Co-Founder and Farm Manager, but the 45 minute video highlights other members of the Soul Fire Farm team.

“The storytelling weaves the history and structural realities of racial injustice in the food system, with movement strategies past and present of frontlines communities mobilizing for food and land sovereignty. Learn how you and your organization can help build a food system based on justice, dignity, and abundance for all members of our community.”

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Gardening the Resistance: the Dwight Street Garden in Holyoke ~ January 18, 2022

Terry Gibson lives in Holyoke, MA where he is Co-Coordinator of the Holyoke Unofficial Gardeners group and Field and Cultural Organizer for Neighbor to Neighbor. Over the last 15 years Terry has volunteered with grassroots organizations including Garfield Community Farm in Pittsburgh PA.

Seeds of Change with Kannan Thiruvengadam May 19, 2021

Kannan Thiruvengadam is the Director of Eastie Farm, an eco-friendly urban farm in East Boston which brings neighbors together, promotes community resiliency and fosters food security and justice. He also hosts the Zumix youth-involved radio show, “What’s up Eastie?” about topics of interest in East Boston. As a Climate Ready Boston Leader, Kannan blends his broad background in technology, climate science, permaculture, regenerative and sustainable agriculture with his passion for community engagement and activism.

Kannan Thiruvengadam’s slides

A Conversation about Racial Equity and Food Access with Anna Gilbert-Muhammad and Ibrahim Ali ~ March 16, 2021

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Anna Muhammad is the Equity Director, Food Access & Webinar Coordinator at NOFA/MASS. Her work focuses on food access & urban agriculture in Springfield. 
Ibrahim Ali has over 20 years of youth & farm related work in Springfield & in New York City. For the past 11 years he served as Co-Executive Director of Gardening the Community.