What Can I do?

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Attend our Meetings

The Regenerative Farming, Forests and Food Systems work group meets during the break out sessions at CAN’s monthly meetings, the 4th Monday of the month. Additionally, the group alternates between Northampton and Amherst on the third Monday of every month from 6:30-8:30pm. Please join us for one of our upcoming meetings:

  • July 15 – Northampton
  • August 19 – Amherst
  • September 17 – Northampton
  • October 21 – Amherst
  • November 18 – Northampton
  • December 16 – Amherst
  • Amherst meetings will take place at the Bangs Center (70 Boltwood Walk)
    Free parking available after 7pm in underground parking garage next to Bangs Center.
  • Northampton meetings will take place at the Lathrop Community Room (1 Shallowbrook Drive)
    Look for entrance to The Lathrop Community on the right off Bridge Rd. Parking is available at The Meeting House in the middle of the campus on the right.

Upcoming Events

Current Campaigns and Projects


  • Intro Presentations/Road Shows
    Contact: Lenore Bryck
  • Outreach Educational Programs/Workshops
    Contact: Ed Bourgeois and Lenore Bryck
  • Poison free (Pesticides, Glyphosate)/Pollinator Friendly Campaign
    Contact: Carole Horowitz
  • Healthy Soils Demo Plots
    Contact: Tim Holcomb

Actions and Alliances/Collaboration

  • Government Action
    Contact: Dave Roitman
  • Forest Panels Dialogue
    Contact: Susan Theberge and Dave Roitman
  • NOFA Conference Workshop on Farmers Dialogue
    Contact: Dave Roitman
  • Alliance Building
    Contact: Tim Holcomb and Dave Roitman

Educate Yourself

Learn more about these issues on our Resources page!

Calls to Action

Bills currently being considered in the Massachusetts legislature:


Forest Protection
Bill H. 897 (An Act relative to forest protection) — Read more about the bill here.

Bill H. 853/ HD. 1419 (An Act to assure the attainment of greenhouse gas emissions goals in the alternative portfolio standard) — Read more about the bill here.
Visit http://www.pfpi.net/ma-bioenergy-backgrounder to read what you can do now!

Regenerative Agriculture

Sign this petition to ask Target to stop selling Roundup® — Learn more about glyphosate here.

Bill S. 438/ H. 873 (An Act to promote healthy soils and agricultural innovation within the Commonwealth) — Read more about the bill here.
Schmid Healthy Soils Budget Amendment, #996 (Budget Amendment for $200K to fund the first year of a Healthy Soils Program) — Read more about this initiative here.
Call the legislators of the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture if you want to support this bill and call your state representative if you want to support funding for the Mass. Healthy Soils Program.

This link takes you to the NOFA/Mass site where you’ll see helpful tips for action steps everyone can take to restore carbon to the soil and turn climate change around: https://www.nofamass.org/content/tips-carbon-sequestration