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Healthy Soils Bill

Action is needed by the morning of Wednesday, July 29th! – This is our last chance to legislatively create a Mass. Healthy Soils Program before 2022 – a move necessary to help our farmers adapt to and help mitigate the climate crisis and one that will support their recovery from the economic impacts of this pandemic. 

Please take action now: Call and ask your state senator to “Support the Comerford Healthy Soils Amendment to the Economic Development Bill!”

Our healthy soils legislative champions, Rep. Paul Schmid and Senator Jo Comerford, are filing the text of the Healthy Soils Bill as an amendment to a “must pass” piece of legislation for economic recovery from the pandemic. The Senate is taking up the Economic Development bill on Wednesday, July 29th and Sen. Comerford needs our help to get the amendment added!

We need as many senators as possible to hear directly from as many constituents as possible about the need to create a Healthy Soils program!

Please pick up the phone and leave a voicemail for your state senator (you can look them up here):

In the message to your state senator, please tell them your name and your town and ask them to “Support the Comerford Healthy Soils Amendment to the Economic Development Bill!”

Talking points about the benefits of healthy soils can be found on this action page: Mass. Healthy Soils Bill action page – and can be shared on Facebook here.

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