Decommissioning Vt. Yankee

How Safe? Who Pays? How Long?

The Nuclear Free Future Coalition will be holding a public event on Sunday, December 8th at 2pm at the Bridge Street School in Northampton to discuss the issue of the decommissioning after the closing of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in late 2014. The event will address the dangers and costs facing the residents of Western Massachusetts, particularly the Pioneer Valley, during and after the decommissioning of the plant. The decommissioning process is the next fight between Entergy, the transnational corporation that owns the plant, and the residents of Southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts.

TITLE: Decommissioning Vt. Yankee: How Safe? Who Pays? How Long?
DATE: Sunday, December 8
PLACE: Bridge Street School, Northampton

A panel of four, who have all been involved in nuclear decommissioning, will be presenting: nuclear engineer Paul Blanch, Professor John Mullin, Deb Katz, and Ray Shadis. Blanch formerly worked at the New York Indian Point nuclear power plant, and has been pushing the NRC for increased safety and attention to potential failures in existing U.S. nuclear plants. Professor John Mullin is a Fulbright Scholar, professor of regional planning, and Director of the Center for Economic Development who has written and spoken at length regarding the decommissioning process. Deb Katz is the Executive Director of the Citizens Awareness Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental justice and the creation of a renewable energy economy. Ray Shadis is an advisor to the New England Coalition, which is an organization that investigates the safety, suitability, and environmental effects of nuclear power plants.

The presentation is sponsored by the Nuclear Free Future Coalition, a coalition of the American Friends Service Committee, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Citizens Awareness Network, and others. It is also sponsored by the Safe and Green Campaign (SAGE) and the Northampton Public Safety Committee.

The event is free, welcome to all, and handicap accessible.

For more information, call Hattie Nestel at (978) 790-3074 or