Columbia Gas Resistance Campaign Comment to FERC

January 7, 2019

Secretary Kimberly Bose

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 

888 First Street, NE 

Washington, DC 20426

Re:      TGP 261 Upgrade Projects, Docket No. CP19-7-000

Environmental Assessment – Scoping Comments

Dear Secretary Bose:

We, the undersigned concerned individuals and organizations in the affected communities of Agawam, Easthampton, Holyoke, Longmeadow, Northampton, Springfield, West Springfield and surrounding communities submit these initial comments regarding the scope of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“the Commission’s”) environmental review of the 261 Upgrade Projects (the “Projects”) proposed by Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC (“TGP” or the “Company”).  We concur with the comments filed by the Pipe Line Awareness Network for the Northeast, and submit these additional comments to underscore our own concerns.

1.The September 13, 2018 explosions and fires in the Merrimack Valley cast serious doubts on both the claimed need for and the safety of the TGP Projects, which are designed to ensure delivery of more gas to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts (“Columbia”). Since the tragedy, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities has imposed an indefinite moratorium on most Columbia work. Columbia is also under federal investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) and subject to a Congressional hearing and wrongful death suits. Its parent company, NiSource, is under federal investigation. It is not lost on us that Columbia was also the company responsible for the 2012 explosion in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts.

We ask the Commission to consider carefully whether

  • questions of Columbia’s negligence in the Merrimack Valley tragedy pose increased threat of explosion and massive environmental damage to our region; and whether
  • the imposed suspension of pipeline construction will lead to the invalidation of the contract that TGP has with Columbia.

We believe that these developments – including ongoing state and federal investigations – should weigh heavily in the Commission’s analysis under its National Environmental Policy Act review.

2.The stated need for the project has been vastly overblown, with Columbia speculating unrealistic gas demand growth in the region to support its expansion proposal. Yet one of the affected service communities, Northampton, has adopted a 100% Renewable Energy plan and has resolved to oppose the Projects as unnecessary. Gas is increasingly being rejected as a method of home heating and cooking due to recognition that methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas in the short term than CO2.  Methane leaked and vented from natural gas during extraction, processing and transmission makes it use comparable to coal in its impact on climate change. Asthma risk in children is increased in homes burning gas for cooking. Many local communities are committed to reduced energy use and the conversion to locally-sourced renewable energy as recommended by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. Less costly and more environmentally sustainable alternatives to the project  include more aggressive home energy efficiency interventions by Columbia and greater policy emphasis on and subsidy of efficient electric heat pumps and convection stoves. Berkshire Gas, another local distribution company who takes its gas from the Company off the Northampton Lateral, has recently abandoned expansion plans in lieu of alternative heating choices such as air-source heat pumps.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has already instituted incentives for conversion to air-source heat pumps and local programs such as Berkshire’s have been instituted to support this effort.

We ask that the exaggerated speculation regarding  increases in the demand for natural gas in this area be thoroughly analyzed and weighed against the known environmental risks of the Projects.

3. The Projects will contribute to the mounting threat of climate change affecting our region. A major reason for laws and policy efforts to reduce gas consumption is the existential threat of climate change. Due to emissions of carbon dioxide and methane (gas), temperatures have already risen 1 degree centigrade worldwide and are predicted to surpass 2 degrees if fossil fuel consumption continues at present rates. The Projects will facilitate increased gas-based emissions in our region by >25% in ten years, eviscerating goals to cut overall emissions by 45% as called for in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C. Increased emissions will also violate the Commonwealth’s Global Warming Solutions Act and contribute to fulfillment of the projections of a hotter, wetter and flooded Northeast as outlined in the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

We ask that climate impacts be fully investigated and weighed heavily in the Environmental Assessment.

4. The project will contribute to worsening air quality. Increasingly gas and its additives are being recognized as contributing to air pollution and respiratory disease. Gas stoves are associated with pediatric respiratory illness. Ninety (90) municipal Public Health Departments in Massachusetts, representing 3.1 million people or 47.0% of the population, have endorsed or sent letters to the governor requesting that environmental impact assessments be done on all new gas infrastructure.

We request that the contributions of the Projects to worsening air quality and public health be thoroughly analyzed and weighed by the Commission.

5.The Projects will have lasting local impact on wetlands, stream and riverfront areas and endangered and threatened species. The Projects will have permanent and “temporary” impacts to a large number of wetland resource areas as proposed. Within those wetland resource areas and surrounding uplands, we are aware of endangered species, including the Eastern Box Turtle, and several species of “greatest conservation need,” including multiple species of our native trout, that will be affected by the Projects. 

We ask that the Commission scope the impacts on all wetland resource areas, that they be thoroughly inventoried and evaluated for avoidance. The same attention and protection should be given to all wildlife species potentially impacted.

6Soils and agriculture will be damaged by the Projects. The looping project will cross, convert and compact prime Connecticut River Valley agricultural land. At least one farm’s acreage is likely to be taken by eminent domain.

We request that a full accounting be made of all farmland and agricultural soils affected by the Projects. The impacts to the agricultural and business economy should also be scoped.

Respectfully submitted,

Columbia Gas Resistance Campaign

Massachusetts Senator Joanne Comerford (Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester)

Massachusetts Representative Natalie Blais (1st Franklin)

Massachusetts Representative Mindy Domb (3rd Hampshire)

Massachusetts Representative Lindsay N. Sabadosa (1st Hampshire)

Northampton City Councilor Alisa Klein

Arise for Social Justice

Ashfield Affinities Group

Berkshire Environmental Action Team

Boston Clean Energy Coalition

Boston Climate Action Network

Cambridge Mothers Out Front

Central Square Health and Wellness

Citizens Against the Rehoboth Compressor Station (CARCS)

Climate Action Now

Easthampton Climate Response

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2)

Extinction Rebellion

Grassroots Capital Management, PBC

Hilltowns Eco-Action Committee

Longmeadow Pipeline Awareness Group

Mothers Out Front Massachusetts

Mothers Out Front Worcester

No Fracked Gas in Mass

No Sharon Gas Pipeline | Clean Energy Now

Northampton High School Environmental Club

Peace & Justice Team of First Churches, Northampton

Pioneer Valley Chapter Green Rainbow Party

Pioneer Valley Democratic Socialists of America

Progressive Democrats of Mass (PDM)

Red Leaves Affinity Group

Resist the Pipeline

Rise Up Western Mass Indivisible

Rising Together

Sheffield Saves

Solar Store of Greenfield


Sugar Shack Alliance

T Stephen Jones Public Health Consulting

The Enviro Show

The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice

UUSGS Green Team (Unitarian Universalist Society of Greater Springfield)

Wildside Cottage & Gardens

350 Central Mass


Abigail Ferla, Ashfield

Adele Franks, Northampton

Ahna Knudsen, Worcester


A. Kelley,Newton

Al blake, Becket

Al Mckusick, Northampton 

Alice Briggs, Amherst

Alice Trexler, Arlington 

Alicia G. Bowman, Newton Center

Alicia Russell, Arlington 

Alisa Pearson, Pelham 

Alison Conant, Newtonville, 

Allen Young, Royalston 

Allison Gramolini, Northampton

Alyssa Foos, Northampton

Amanda Nash, Shelburne Falls

Ann Boland, Arlington

Amy Landau, Easthampton

Amy Light, Boston

Amy Mertl, Somerville

Amy Schneider, Newton

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Anamaria Camargo, Boston

Andee Rubin, Arlington

Andra Rose, Amherst

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Andrea Winslow, Arlington

Andrew Milroy,West Springfield

Ann Abrams, Brookline

Ann Darling, Easthampton

Anna Brewer, Northampton

Anna K Wilkins, Weston

Anne Goodwin, Arlington

Anne Jaskot, Northampton

Anne S Wright, Arlington 

Annika, Northampton

Anupama Seshan Raman, Somerville

Ashley Casello, Amherst

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Avivah Goldman, Arlington

Barry De Jasu, Montague

Becky Carroll, Pelham

Benjamin Martin, Wallingford

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