An act transitioning MA to clean electricity, heating & transportation: (100% Clean Act):H.3288/S.2136 (Reps. Decker, Garballey/Sen. Boncore): TUE1

●  An act achieving a green future with infrastructure & workforce investments: H.3292 (Rep. Driscoll):TUE1

●  An act providing for building justice with jobs: H.3365/S.2226 (Reps. Robinson, LeBoeuf/Sen.Pacheco): TUE1

●  An act supporting solar distribution: S.2169 (Sen. Eldridge): TUE1

●  An act to promote zero-emission vehicle fleets: S.2139/H.3255 (Sen. Boncore/Reps. Barber,Meschino): TUE1

●  An act promoting zero-emission vehicles: H.3347/S.2151 (Rep. Meschino/Sen. Crighton): TUE1

●  An act relative to public transit electrification: H.3559/S.2292 (Rep. Owens, Barber/Sen.Crighton): TUE1

●  An act relative to transportation & environmental justice: H.3264/S.2138 (Rep. Blais/Sen.Boncore): TUE1

●  An act promoting local energy investment & infrastructure modernization: H.3261/S.2144 (Rep. Blais/Sen. Comerford): TUE1

●  An act relative to modern grid access & customer service: H.3313 (Rep. Golden/Sen. Comerford): TUE1


 An act to improve outdoor & indoor air quality for communities burdened bytransportation pollution: H.2230/S.1447 (Reps. Barber, Connolly /Sen. Jehlen): Joint Committee on Public Health

●  An act relative to energy facilities siting reform to address environmental justice, climate, & public health: H.3336/S.2135 (Rep. Madaro/Sen. Boncore): TUE1

●  An act ensuring a healthy future for environmental justice communities: H.3362/S.2186 (Reps. Ramos, Livingstone/Sen. Gomez): TUE1

●  An act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe: H.3333/S.2197 (Reps. Livingstone, Ramos/ Sen. Lesser): TUE1

●  An Act relative to Improving pesticide protections for Massachusetts schoolchildren: H.926 (Rep. Gentile): ENRA2


An act relative to forest protection: H.912 (Rep. Finn): ENRA2

●  An act relative to increased protection of Wildlife Management Areas: H.1002 (Rep. Sabadosa):ENRA2


  •  An act creating a green bank: H.3340 (Rep. Mark): TUE1
  •  An act Instituting a governance structure for Mass Save: S.2132 (Sen. Barrett): TUE1
  •  An act to protect ratepayers: H.3259 (Rep. Blais): TUE1



  •  An Act expanding equitable access for solar energy net metering: H.3260/S.2145(Reps. Blais, Domb/Sen. Comerford): TUE1
  •  An act relative to better buildings: H.3366/S.2232 (Rep. Robinson/Sen. Rausch): TUE1
  •  An Act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by permitting local option all-electric buildings& home ordinances: H.2167/S.1333 (Rep. Gouveia/Sen. Eldridge): Joint Committee onMunicipalities & Regional Government
  •  An Act relative to the future of heat in the Commonwealth: H.3298/S.2148 (Rep. Ehrlich/Sen.Creem): TUE1
  •  An Act removing barriers for municipal power communities to become Green Communities: S.2171 (Sen. Eldridge): TUE1
  •  An act establishing solar neighborhoods: H.3278 (Reps. Connolly, Lewis): TUE1
  •  An act to establish fast, frequent, and reliable passenger rail service between Pittsfieldand Boston via Springfield: S.2345 (Sen. Lesser): Joint Committee on Transportation


●  An act relative to food justice with jobs: H.967/S.495 (Rep. Madaro/Sen. Boncore): ENRA2


● An Act establishing a climate policy commission: S.2131 (Sen. Barrett): TUE1


  •  An act empowering towns and cities to protect residents and the environment fromharmful pesticides: H.910/SD.2545 (Rep. Fernandes/Sen. Moran): ENRA2
  •  An act governing the use of pesticides containing the herbicide substance glyphosate in the Commonwealth: H.929/S.575 (Rep. Gentile/Sen. Lewis): ENR
Committees that bills have been referred to—as abbreviated above, after bill numbers & sponsors: 
1 TUE: Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy
2 ENRA: Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture