CAN/MPF Priority Bills


2019-2020 State Legislative Priorities – Ask your state legislators what they are doing to champion the following bills.

See also the Sierra Club comparison of bills supported by major climate action organizations in Massachusetts.

(Mass Power Forward is a grassroots network of over 200 organizations promoting clean, local and healthy energy for Massachusetts. CAN is prioritizing the Mass Power Forward priority bills in the new state legislative session.)

We live in a stark climate reality that threatens us with unprecedented weather events like flooding and droughts. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change latest report indicates we have only 12 years to drastically upgrade our energy policies if we wish to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Many of our communities, especially those with a majority of people of color and low incomes, have had to bear the brunt of decades of fossil fuel pollution and are most at risk from climate change. We call upon you to prevent unnecessary pollution-related illness and death in these communities and to endorse just and equitable solutions to fix our dirty energy system.

NOW is the time forbold, decisive action from our state legislature! Outcomes we prioritize:page1image9096

Environmental Justice – Include communities impacted by climate change and fossil fuel pollution as participants in crafting new, equitable policy

100% Renewable Energy – Set an ambitious goal to equitably reach 100%   renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2045

Equitable Investment in Green Infrastructure – Use mechanisms such as   equitable carbon pricing or the transportation climate initiative to invest today to create the future we want

Please support these important bills related to those outcomes:

1. SD 1885/HD 3878 and SD 1824/HD 3523 – An Act relative to Environmental Justice Sen. DiDomenico / Rep. Madaro and Sen. Eldridge/ Rep. Dubois & Rep. Miranda

2. SD 1625/HD 3092 An Act Re-powering Massachusetts with 100% Renewable Energy Sen. Eldridge / Rep. Decker & Rep. Garballey

3. HD 2370 An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions – Rep. Benson SD 1541/HD 3009 An Act to Advance Modern and Sustainable Solutions for Transportation  Sen. Lesser / Rep. Ehrlich

We urge legislators to call for energy policy that leads by example to stop fossil fuel subsidies, support local renewable energy resources, keep energy dollars in our communities, create good green jobs and protect our Commonwealth from climate change and life-threatening pollution.


Other bills that help reach Mass Power Forward’s vision:

Environmental Justice

●  SD 756 Solar power in environmental justice and urban communities- Sen. Chang-Díaz

●  HD 3511 Removing Barriers to Solar for Low Income Communities – Rep. Dykema

Energy Democracy & Utility Reform

●  HD 1882 Empowering communities to develop microgrids- Rep. Nguyen

●  HD 1883 Reforming utility franchise & supporting municipal government- Rep. Nguyen

●  SD 993 / HD 1499 An Act to Protect Ratepayers – Rep. Benson, Sen. Comerford

●  SD 987/ HD1501 Local Energy Investment & Modernization- Rep. Benson, Sen. Comerford

No New Pipelines! Transition from Gas

●  SD 1274/HD 1051 Protect ratepayers from gas pipeline expansion costs-Sen. Jehlen, Rep. Gordon

●  HD 3178An Act clarifying authority and responsibilities of the Dept. of Public Utilities- Rep. Blais

●  SD 1603 An Act relative to the DPU proceedings and gas pipelines- Sen. Hinds

●  SD 1953/HD 3719 An Act for utility transition to using renewable energy (FUTURE)- Sen. Creem,

Rep. Ehrlich, Rep. Minicucci

●  SD 1257/HD 2300 Modernizing Heating- Sen. Chandler, Rep. Vitolo

Getting our Buildings to Net Zero

●  SD 2122 An Act establishing a net zero stretch energy code- Sen. Comerford, Rep. Gouveia

●  HD 3562 An act relative to net-zero homes in Gateway Cities- Rep. Higgins, Sen. Crighton

Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency

●  HD 3577 An Act to create a 2050 roadmap to a clean and thriving commonwealth- Rep. Meschino

●  HD 1419 Reform the alternative portfolio standard to not include wood or WTE – Rep. Provost

●  SD 757/HD 1248 An Act to secure a clean energy future- Sen. Pacheco, Rep. Balser

●  SD 767/HD 580 Appliance Efficiency Standards- Sen. Lewis, Rep. Cutler

●  HD 2775 An Act relative to energy efficiency- Rep. Balser

●  SD 2098/HD 3717 Community Empowerment – Sen. Cyr, Rep. Fernandes

Fossil Fuel Divestment & Green Investment

●  SD 505/HD 2817 An Act authorizing independent retirement systems to divest from fossil fuel companies- Sen. Pacheco, Rep. Fernandes, Rep. Livingstone

●  HD 3094 An Act relative to public investment in fossil fuels. This bill would require the state pension to divest- Rep. Decker, Rep. Domb

●  HD 1087 An Act creating a green bank to promote clean energy in Massachusetts- Rep. Mark

Polluter Pays- Nuclear Decommissioning and Emergencies

●  HD 1746 Increases funding to MDPH for environmental monitoring- Rep. Meschino, Rep. Culter

●  HD 274 Requires funding offsite emergency planning post shutdown- Rep. Cutler, Rep. LaNatra

●  SD 1064/HD 1752 Protect the taxpayers of the Commonwealth from financial responsibility for nuclear power plant decommissioning- Sen. deMacedo, Rep. Muratore

●  SD 598 Establish Trust Fund to protect MA if decommissioning funds run short- Sen. O’Connor – 294 Washington St. #500 Boston, MA 02108