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VariousVoicesDariaOne of the benefits of living in the Pioneer Valley is the amazing number of people committed to working to make our lives better, correcting things we see as problems and generally, just really nice people.  One of those folks is Daria Fisk and she has a radio show on WMCB out of Greenfield.

Daria describes her show as one about, “getting to know each other—everyday people, neighbors, and friends sharing insights, perspectives, and experiences.”  She wants to be, “talking about what matters to each of us and all of us; personal and collective histories, pressing issues, and abiding passions.”

Today, March 18th, from 3-4pm on Various Voices, 107.9 lpfm &, “we’ll talk with Becky George of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce about the upcoming Creative Economy Summit, 3/22-24 in Turners Falls & then w. Greening Greenfield’s Susan Worgaftik  about the 4/6 public forum at GCC to consider how to Create a Sustainable Future for Greenfield by 2050. “

 It would be great if you could tune in.

If you don’t know about the organization Greening Greenfield, it is worth a listen.  I attended their monthly meeting for the first time this month and they are a great group of people doing wonderful things and being very, very effective.  Check ’em out at

A Presidential Decision That Could Change the World!

We’re 1 Signature AWAY!

This might be the most important weekend for the future EVER! Up to 1,000 activists from the Valley are heading to Washington D.C. this Sunday to participate in the Forward On Climate Rally to send the message to Obama and John Kerry that we don’t want these climate destroying tar sands, that they should reject the toxic Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and consider their legacies… because we are.

Michael T. Klare, author of “The Race For What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources”, explains in “The Strategic Importance of Keystone XL” how if President Obama shoots down the Keystone XL pipeline, it might be GAME OVER for the tar-sands industry. It’s time to turn up the heat on this do nothing government!  Act Up!! Head to DC this weekend and do your part.

Join Us In DC, Feb 17th!  For information on buses, public transportation, carpooling, housing, etc:

[quote]If you could burn all the oil in those tar sands, you’d run the atmosphere’s concentration of carbon dioxide from its current 390 parts per million (enough to cause the climate havoc we’re currently seeing) to nearly 600 parts per million, which would mean if not hell, then at least a world with a similar temperature.[/quote]

Bill McKibben

Could KXL, if built, make the Koch Bros an extra $3 billion annually?


Tell your parents: I want you to go to jail!

50 > 50 x 50

Why 50 Over 50 x 50?
We call this effort 50 over 50 x 50 because we believe that we boomers and others over 50 years old have the means and the responsibility to get organized and that a few dozen of us in each of the 50 states (50×50) can tip public opinion in favor of action if we are prepared to speak out, risk arrest and occasionally spend some time in jail.

Nurses Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline!


[quote]On July 25, 2010, a tar sands oil pipeline ruptured near Marshall, Mi. The diluted bitumen traveled 40 miles down the Kalamazoo River to Morrow Lake. More than a month later, health providers reported 145 patients with symptoms associated with the spill. State officials surveyed 550 people from communities along the river and found 53 percent of the residents reported health problems – headaches, nausea and respiratory ailments.[/quote]

Directly seeing the impact on the health of their neighbors, National Nurses United have joined with others opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Thank you nurses!

Nurses Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline, Cite Adverse Effects of Increased Air Pollution, Climate Change


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