Tell your parents: I want you to go to jail!

50 > 50 x 50

Why 50 Over 50 x 50?
We call this effort 50 over 50 x 50 because we believe that we boomers and others over 50 years old have the means and the responsibility to get organized and that a few dozen of us in each of the 50 states (50×50) can tip public opinion in favor of action if we are prepared to speak out, risk arrest and occasionally spend some time in jail.

Nurses Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline!


[quote]On July 25, 2010, a tar sands oil pipeline ruptured near Marshall, Mi. The diluted bitumen traveled 40 miles down the Kalamazoo River to Morrow Lake. More than a month later, health providers reported 145 patients with symptoms associated with the spill. State officials surveyed 550 people from communities along the river and found 53 percent of the residents reported health problems – headaches, nausea and respiratory ailments.[/quote]

Directly seeing the impact on the health of their neighbors, National Nurses United have joined with others opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Thank you nurses!

Nurses Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline, Cite Adverse Effects of Increased Air Pollution, Climate Change


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