April Featured Climate Actions

This is the month of Earth Day.  Let’s take this time to redouble our efforts to address climate change as we remember how precious this blue and green planet of ours is.  These suggestions are brought to you by the Climate Action Group of the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence.

Personal:  Cut your energy consumption by wearing clothes more than once before washing.  Washing and drying laundry comprises a large proportion of household energy use.  And even in winter you can air-dry your laundry outside on a rack or line.  It WILL dry, it just takes longer.  You’ll know it’s dry because it will no longer be stiff and frozen!

Community:  Investigate starting a tool lending library in your neighborhood.  Reduce expense and consumption while building neighborhood cooperation by sharing tools.  This video is a 1-hour webinar on how to start a tool library.

State/National/Global:  Join some friends and support divestment from fossil fuels by the Massachusetts state pension fund (PRIM) by showing up on April 7 at PRIM (84 State St., #250) in Boston from 11-1.  Bring signs and wear orange.  Make an appointment with your legislator from 2-5 that same day to lobby for the divestment bill.  This action will also be taking place May 19, June 4 and July 2.  Contact Darcy Dumont for more info:  dumont140@yahoo.com  If you are a public school teacher, state worker or state retiree, sign this divestment petition and spread the word among your colleagues!

Inform Yourself:  Here’s an inspiring 10 minute video brought to my attention by Climate Action Now:  “Indigenous communities are on the front lines of the fight against fossil fuel expansion. Watch this amazing video of the people of the Unist’ot’en camp in British Columbia putting themselves in the path of several pipelines that are proposed to cross their land.”