New! Amherst Citizens: Climate Committee is on the table; need help


1.     Contact your At-Large Councilors (separately) to urge them to strongly support the Motion to Create an Energy and Climate Resilience Committee and the Committee Charge. Email At-Large Councilors Mandi Jo Hanneke, Alisa Brewer and Andy Steinberg. In your own words tell them why you think they should support this motion, and local planning and action to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Urge them to take up this motion promptly without further delay.

2.   Email your district councilors. Their email addresses can be found at:

3.   Attend the Jan 7 meeting to show your support for the motion. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. and this matter may come up by 7:15 p.m.. There will be public comment during the discussion of the Energy and Climate Resilience Committee, after the Councilors and Town Manager speak.

4. Share this information with folks who you think will support this effort.


This can and must be the year that Amherst takes steps to become more sustainable and climate resilient. On Monday, January 7, the Town Council will discuss the Motion to Create an Energy and Climate Resilience Committee which will set climate action goals and begin to implement them. The motion and charge of the committee were originally scheduled to be voted on at this meeting but will be delayed because a few councilors want to have time to discuss and possibly amend the committee charge before it is voted on. We hope it will be voted on at the next meeting on January 28.

Click here to view the committee charge