Alert: Action Needed Now To Save Solar in Massachusetts


The future of the solar industry hangs in the balance and we need to make sure that our legislators hear from us!  Please take action now by clicking on this link and filling in your zip code at the bottom of the page. That will allow you to automatically send a strong solar message to your legislators. 

Please circulate this link to everyone you know in Massachusetts so we can generate thousands of messages to demonstrate our strength.

Why the urgency? A bill is currently in conference committee (H.3854) that would severely limit the growth of solar electricity in Massachusetts. It would slash net metering reimbursement by 75% for big projects like municipal and community shared solar, would raise the net metering cap by only 2% (likely to be reached within 6 months) and add a new mandatory minimum charge on solar owners.What would be the impact? Most big upcoming projects will be abandoned, and solar jobs and tax revenue will be lost. Low-income residents and municipalities would be hurt most because projects for apartment buildings, community shared solar, and municipalities would never be built.  Many homeowners would abandon solar plans because the monthly minimum charge would reduce the value of going solar.
To read the most recent update on the solar impasse go here. Check out the Climate Action Now/Mass Power Forward statement here.
Act now to save solar!