Things you can do to help the earth

from Climate Action Now’s Regenerative Farms, Forests & Food Systems Workgroup

Garden for pollinators and biodiversity

  • Landscape with native plants which have evolved with native pollinators
  • Don’t use pesticides/herbicides. Use regenerative growing practice.
  • Leave dead trees, stumps and logs – homes for birds, bees and other pollinators
  • Transform some of your lawn into a pollinator garden or meadow
  • Cut grass higher, every other week
  • Turn off outdoor lights when not using them
  • Replace noisy, polluting gas mowers and leaf blowers with electric equipment

Protect and restore ecosystems

  • Preserve forests as wild so they can become “old growth”
  • Preserve and restore wetlands so they can store carbon and support wildlife
  • Preserve farmland. support soil health and regenerative eco-agriculture

Support a local healthy food system

  • Join a food coop and CSA
  • Buy local organic food and support eco-regenerative farmers
  • Compost your food waste — support universal food waste curbside pickup
  • Buy only food you will use
  • Eat less beef and dairy — huge sources of emissions

Transportation is the largest source of CO2 emissions

  • Drive less – use public transportation, bike, rideshare, bundle errands
  • Make your next car purchase an electric one
  • Keep tires properly inflated. Drive your car gently
  • Don’t idle your vehicle and remind others

Make your home climate friendly

  • Convert gas and oil heating to solar panels and electric heat pumps
  • Insulate your house
  • Turn off appliances when not in use
  • Build efficiently – solar-ready roofs, heat pumps,insulated walls.
  • Buy local, buy less, recycle, upcycle
  • Buy chemical free, plastic free products
  • Contact Mass Save for a free energy audit –

Collective political action raises awareness and makes change

  • Work for and vote for politicians who are climate champions
  • Support climate, environmental, and food justice legislation
  • Call, write, talk to your local officials and state representatives

Join with others to build the climate movement and feel hope

Spend time in nature! Let forests and wild places heal your spirit!