Action Alert! Fair Carbon Pricing Coalition Shines Spotlight on Gov. Baker

Call to action

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Please ask Governor Baker to take the next step in the history of bold, bipartisan environmental leadership in Massachusetts by supporting a market-based strategy to reduce global warming pollution.

The Fair Carbon Pricing Coalition is urging Governor Baker to support putting a price on carbon  as part of Massachusetts’ strategy for meeting Global Warming Solutions Act mandates. Market-based solutions are on the table now, with two Carbon Pricing bills now in committee — Senate Bill S.1786 and Senate Bill S.1747. Carbon pricing systems work because they require polluters to take responsibility for their emissions, creating an economic incentive to invest in clean energy and efficiency. Real world examples demonstrate that carbon pricing can reduce emissions while creating jobs, growing our economy and protecting consumers.

Sample call:
Governor Baker’s Constituent Services Phone: 617.725.4005

I am calling to ask you to take the next step in the history of bold, bipartisan environmental leadership in Massachusetts by supporting a market-based strategy to reduce global warming pollution. We urge you to consider supporting Senate Bill S.1786 and Senate Bill S.1747 as a measure to reduce emissions and encourage you to incorporate a plan to put a price on carbon emissions into your plan to achieve the state’s climate mandates.

Twitter Handle: @CharlieBakerMA @MassGovernor


1. @MassGovernor  2016 is the year MA gets serious about #climateaction, green jobs, and consumer choice, See @macleanenergy on #pricingcarbon

2. Hey @CharlieBakerMA Looking for a bi-partisan, market-based policy that gets serious about #climateaction and green jobs? #PriceCarbon

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