Action Alert: Come Show Your Support For Fair Carbon Pricing! 

Date and time:  Tuesday, October 27 at 1pm 
Location: Hearing Room B-1, Statehouse in Boston
Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy.

Carbon pricing means putting a  pollution charge on carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels, creating a strong incentive to move to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Senate Bill 1747 would return all the fee revenues to the public, thereby protecting households and businesses, and making it “revenue neutral” to the state government. Senate Bill 1786, would rebate 80% of the revenues and use 20% for clean energy programs.

Can’t make it to the hearing? Call your local legislators and urge them to support S.1747 today. Find your legislators at:

We’re working to make MA the first state in the nation to pass a fair price on carbon. We’re members of the MA Campaign for a Clean Energy Future, a coalition of environmental, business, labor, and civic organizations, which is using a set of basic principles to insure that carbon pricing policies reduce GHG emissions, strengthen the MA economy, protect vulnerable populations, and are fair to households, businesses, and institutions.