Action Alert:  Co-Sponsorship Drive to End Dirty Biomass Subsidies!

As we enter the final stretch, please help focus the Massachusetts legislature’s attention on removing biomass from our clean energy programs! 

While the Senate has agreed to move forward with S.2197, “An act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe,” we need to double down on our outreach to the House. As of today, we have 38 House cosponsors of H.3333, the companion bill to S.2197.  Our goal is to secure 81 co-sponsors of H.3333 in the House by May 2nd, the new deadline for the bill to be reported out favorably. 

Please check the list of H.3333’s co-sponsors. If your state Rep isn’t listed, please: 

  • Contact your state representative and urge them to co-sponsor H.3333 to remove woody biomass from the RPS and the APS.
  • Please email if your representative commits to co-sponsoring, so we can help ensure they follow through!

Talking points:

  • On Monday, the IPCC issued its strongest warning yet that our planet is facing irreparable harm from climate change. So why is Massachusetts still funding dirty biomass power in its renewable energy programs?
  • Now that the House Speaker’s energy priority (offshore wind legislation) is finally moving through the legislature, it’s time to make sure that House members know that the climate work is far from over!
  • We need the legislature to act quickly to block Governor Baker’s plans to use Massachusetts’ ratepayers dollars to prop up polluting biomass power plants in Maine, New Hampshire, and elsewhere. 

(Click here for more information about H.3333/S.2197 and here to find out who your state representatives are and how to contact them.)

We will be sending out regular emails and updates as we count down to May 2nd. Please make your calls today!

Thank you for your advocacy!

Katy Eiseman, on behalf of Partnership For Policy Integrity (PFPI) and the No Toxic Biomass campaign

(413) 320-0747