Action Alert: Biomass Bills at Risk

INDIVIDUALS: Please contact your legislators with this message:

Massachusetts ratepayers should not fund burning trees for energy! A bill emerged from TUE with language that increases subsidies for biomass facilities under the APS and eliminates a biomass study mandated by the 2021 Climate Roadmap Law.Please ask TUE not to include sections 8 or 22 of H.3216 in any legislation going forward. 

Instead, ask them to incorporate the policies of S.2136 /H.3210 and S.2137/H.3211 into the Committee’s climate legislation.

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Do not include: SECTION 8. Section 11F 1/2 of Chapter 25A of the general laws, as so appearing in the 2022

official edition, is hereby amended by adding the following to the end of Section 11F 1/2 (e):

The department shall provide that for facilities generating useful thermal energy by using eligible

biomass technologies that also install an electrostatic precipitator or other emissions control

device, an alternative energy credit shall be earned for 1,706,000 British thermal units of net

useful thermal energy so as to improve air quality.

AND Do not include : SECTION 22. Section 102 of Chapter 8 of the Acts of 2021 is hereby repealed.

ORGANIZATIONS: Please sign your organization on to this letter by Wednesday, March 13th.


The full text of the letter signed by organizations (above) contains detailed background information including citations.