“A Crime Against Humanity”

Hello and blessings of peace and light to you…
You are invited to watch the movie
followed by a discussion, crystal bowl sounding and crystal grid meditation hosted by Leonore Alanis on Tuesday December 10th at 7pm in the Octagon at Sirius Community Center on 91 Baker Rd in Shutesbury MA 01072
Free or by contribution of $ 1
Banned in Germany, the film received the special achievement award at the Uranium Film Festival 2013 in Rio de Janeiro.
With commentaries from leading scientists and facts about Fukushima the media does not mention.

This 2 hr film explains the extend, and how radiation from nuclear isotopes, emitted from reactors, trailings, enrichment plants and test site locations already affects life on planet Gaia, and DNA of organisms.

In the circle of circles

Anja Daniel